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[Verse 1]
They hate it how I talk like this
With so much confidence
Nothing’s ever stopping this
Like brunch when it’s bottomless
I got h*es and shows in different continents
I been the truth it’s kinda obvious
If you gotta disagree then you ain’t got no common sense
Ya mama she a h*e and ya brother prolly gossiping
Sold out shows tryna reach all my accomplishments
Ya fake a** rappers getting cut like an abolishment

All 365
Through the day and night
I sleep with the light
Think about what’s life
What’s really wrong
What’s really right
Reach to grab my bong
To release my mind

[Verse 2]
Y’all got me f*cked up
Walk-in in the streets I got my chains tucked
Wake up in my dreams I’m in the Benz truck
I got a b*tch overseas she give me good luck
I been thinking bout you lately
Baby what you in to
Lemme show you something I can promise this is new to you
Got me going crazy spin my head like a hula hoop
I’m a super star they scream my name at the venue

[Verse 3]
This sh*t is kinda crazy
Bunch of motherf*ckers tryna say that they made me
B*tches used to play me now they try to text me hey b
Same ones that I ask to hang they always said maybe
I love it when I hear them scream my name
It makes me feel like I’m doing something good
Something that I should
Something that you wish really wish you could
But there’s some things that you only get to say that you would
Everything’s different now
I’m still gifted
Same motherf*ckers talking shit washing dishes
Other b*tches lookin rich with they face lifted
Take there parents bread just to get they waist fitted

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