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I gotta get it gotta go
I gotta get it gotta go
I’m overseas on the road

I see the picture Bosquiat
Me and my homies and some b*tches on a million dollar yacht
I told my pop that i’m gon get it
Ima give it all i got
I was only fourteen i was running from the cops
Got arrested twice that week
Had to think about a lot
My brothers girlfriends mom scooped me from the cell in the drop
She a milf super hot and they like the way i pop
Baby pour up Ciroc
Can you put that on the rocks for me while you give me top
Talk about my jewelry while you give me slop
You know Ronnie whipped the beam right off the lot
You know Gio love to dream ou he love to plot
Greenie pull up any spot always money with the shot
And T Money running to the bank he counting up a lot
Ou he counting up a lot
Now we counting up a lot
Whole team we on top
Whole team we on top
Got this dream on lock
And their ain’t no time to stop

I’m about to get deep in my berken
Show these b*tches i been working
All you p*ssies that be lerkin
All you duppies that be chirpin
After my old b*tch there’s no one that could do more wrong
Close the f*cking curtain b*tch i ain’t no vagabond
All i heard was (ting) saw your name up in my phone
I was out in LA you was texting me come home
Cause the man that you done left me with he left you all alone

But nah f*ck that im on big money sh*t
Big hits Barry Bonds
I want that thick b*tch big whip cherry bombs
I need that big crib air lift phenomenon
F*ck you b*tch i’m on
Out in Milan smoke a spliff feel like the Don Corleone
But now in Switzerland with the rollie two tone
Icy to the bone nice to meet you best not bite me
You know not to touch my team cause we won’t take it lightly
Bad little foreign b*tch i really want her to be my wifey
But shawty think she bad so i really think she might be
And she the one who swipe up so i really think she like me
But i don’t like to play my only game is on a trip
You ever ask yourself how this money go so quick
Cause if you don’t take no risk then how the f*ck you gon get rich
And if you don’t stay so lit then how the f*ck you gon be it

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